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Welcome To Elbeau's - "Geology In The Palm Of Your Hand"

Find Fossils, Minerals, Precious Metals, Gemstones and More!!!

"Geology In The Palm Of Your Hand"

Terraphone turns the iPhone into a true fossil and geology exploration and discovery device.

There are a lot of apps around that teach you how to find stuff that's already been found...but now there's Terraphone, the first iPhone app devoted specifically to geologic discovery...True Geology!.

Terraphone teaches you the real geology of the area you choose to study including the type and age of the layers of rock beneath your feet, the minerals, gemstones, and precious metals that have been found in the area and WHERE they were reported, and the types, estimated ages, and locations of fossil finds nearby.

By learning the details of the known geology of the area and studying those locations on satellite and other kinds of maps, the earth around you will open up and begin to reveal it's secrets.

Terraphone also helps your discovery efforts by providing a detailed mineral gallery and a truly extensive dictionary of geologic terms to help you become an earth science expert and to aid in mineral and rock identification.

Open Terraphone and you'll be amazed about how much is known and has been found in the earth around you.

Whether you're an earth science professional, a student, a fossil-hunter, or just a weekend rockhound, Terraphone is FUN and TREMENDOUSLY EDUCATIONAL.

Explore the earth - Not just the places around you, but the EARTH ITSELF!

You can:

  • Study strata (rock layers)
  • Learn where precious metals were found
  • Learn where minerals have been found
  • Learn what layers of rock the minerals were in
  • See where gemstones have been found
  • Learn where fossils have been found
  • See the scientific analysis of fossil finds
  • Learn thousands upon thousands of geologic and mining terms
  • View images of minerals
  • Learn about the surrounding terrain
  • Use street and satellite maps

Lock onto your iPhone's location while you're hiking, biking, or traveling and your data will update as you travel, teaching you about the areas you're visiting.

Terraphone not only works for your current location, but you can also study geology all over the United States. (limited data available for the state of Hawaii and many areas outside the US).

Terraphone also adds a lot to other activities you do like geocaching, hiking, biking, walking, and running. Use it to create a great description for your geocache, or use it when you're on the trail to learn about the things around you. Use it with your GPS or topographical maps program. Use it when studying USGS maps...and MUCH MUCH more!


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