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About Us

Elbeaus.com is committed to bringing you the geology of our world using the best of today's technology.

Utilizing today's smart phone technology and geo positioning systems, we create applications that open the earth and help you make geologic discoveries.

In cooperation with Nevada Mineral & Book Company, we have been creating geology applications since 2000. As technology has adapted, so have we, and now we can present Terraphone, the world's first application to merge geologic and paleontologic occurrence data with the enabling power of the iPhone.

...Sure, there are many applications to help you "re-find" geographical places and man-made things... But only Terraphone provides you with the best tools for making new geological discoveries.

Terraphone's strength is not in helping you find things that other people have already found. Terraphone provides you with detailed information about the occurrences of rocks, minerals, fossils, gemstones, and other geologic information. By tying this information to the real-time data and positioning systems available in today's smart phones, such as the iPhone, YOU now have the power to make YOUR OWN DISCOVERIES!

So fire up Terraphone! ...and start exploring your earth today.

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